Nikki (nikki_wright) wrote in notpron,
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Level 80

Hello. My friends and I have been working through notpron and have successfully gotten through all of the levels, to level 80. It was a lot of work, but now we're incredibly stuck with this one..

1. We have 8 letters, possibly 11. We're not 100% sure on the other three.
2. We know what the old password is, but we're pretty sure it has nothing to do with what the old password was, even if the letters might be the similar.
3. We've gone through the entire puzzle twice and we're ready to beat our brains in with our keyboards.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. We've been stuck at this particular puzzle for quite sometime now. x.x We'll take any help we can get.

And, yes, I checked the memories.. but, in checking the memories I saw someone saying the wouldn't mind more activity within the community. So.. here I go, adding my two cents. >D; Feel free to delete this, and I'll post in the other one. :)
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