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notpron's Journal

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This is not pron
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Welcome to notpron.
Here you can post anything related to the internet puzzle game notpron.

**If you need help, start a new post. Comments on the level posts started by me (kayleighraven) will not be answered and are soon to be deleted when I get the time.

Please put the level number you are stuck on in the title of the post. Remember to read the rules (below) about spoilers and what you need to include.

There is a "General Advice" post in the memories, please read that before asking for help on a specific level.


  • NO SPOILERS! You might ruin the game for others and as the game is constantly being changed, spoilers end up pointless anyway. If I see that someone has posted a spoiler, depending on the severity, I will either ask them to edit the post or I will delete the post entirely. If you continue to post spoilers you will be banned.

  • HINTS are fine but be wary of posting too much information.

  • If you absolutely must mention spoilers or what you think might be a spoiler in the context of a discussion please censor them using asteriks. For example - "I think the username for level 7 is t****, am I going along the right lines?".

  • No flaming, trolling, abuse etc.

  • When asking for help, it is not useful to just say "I need help". As there are so many levels, it's hard to keep track of each puzzle. Please give a basic description of what you see on the screen and what you have done to solve it.

  • As I've said, the levels keep changing so even someone who has completed the level you are stuck on doesn't neccesarily know the answer. But the method of solving the puzzles remain the same so you can still give/get general advice.

  Please do not email me unless I ask you to. If you can't say what you need to say without spoilers, offer to send me what you have and I will try and point you in the right direction. This is so that other members can see the points other people are stuck on and perhaps get an idea of how to solve it themselves.

- kayleighraven Maintainer
- paranoidandroid Co-Mod

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